What's a Musette?

A Musette is a bag given to cyclists during a multi-stage race, like the Tour de France, as they pass through a feeding area. It contains a mixed bag of all the good things a cyclist needs in order to continue riding.

The Musette riders are a bit of a mixed bag as well. Some like Beach Rd, some like the hills around Warrandyte, some like to race, some even like to get out on the dirt on their mountain bikes. We get together for morning rides during the week and each weekend there can be up to half a dozen rides to choose from. We also arrange weekends away for training and also with the families.

Most Musettes are 30+ guys with families and careers so we ride within those self-imposed boundaries. Rides are planned with those other commitments in mind.

Musette members arrange regular as well as spontaneous rides that others are invited to attend. We are not a club or legal association, we do not have subscriptions or a committee, we have no formal rules, and we have no affiliations to other associations or corporations. If you want a formal club we recommend St Kilda Cycling Club or any of the other clubs affiliated with CSV. All Musettes wanting to race must join an affiliated club.

Our group runs online through Facebook, Twitter and Strava. Invitations to join rides are generally advertised through our Facebook group that interested riders can ask to join. If you've ridden with us a few times and a current rider can vouch for you you're welcome to ask.